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Re: Ford Model A Tudor Modern Twist on a Classic

An epic month of sanding and filling going on across the car. This week I had to close the shop, so sprayed epoxy primer over the body on the last 70F day on the forecast. Now to wait until warm weather in the spring to shoot color.

Filler first over the whole body using Evercoat Rage Ultra. I started with hand sanding and quickly had to move to a Harbor Freight palm sander. As long as I kept moving that little palm sander did an awesome job cutting down the filler.

High build primer. Honestly afterward I'm still not sure it was needed. While it did fill a few areas, the high build also created pin holes so I had even more filler work to do afterwards. 180 grit to shape then final sand with 320 grit dry hand blocking. Of all the chemicals I've used in the garage, Featherfill G2 uniquely burned my eyes like I was spraying acid into my face. Even with a respirator and goggles, that stuff was nasty.

Epoxy primer down. Looks a little orangle peeled because it had just been sprayed and was still settling on the body.

Also threw the engine in which fit like a glove. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I got my QA1 rear shocks in the mail and they don't quite fit my brackets. The springs are a larger diameter than the mock up ones I used

One last problem I realized as I was working the car over -- I have no idea how I'm going to set glass in the rear and side panels. The original body has wind up windows which were removed because of the channeled body and rear suspension now living in the passenger seat compartment. The rear window was held on by a piece of trim that was nailed to the wood surround. I'm not putting wood back in so I'm now scratching my head on what to do there.

Final note from the wife: This is the last car you're doing in this garage after the mess all that sanding made.
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