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Re: "The Bucket" project diary

I've always used ammo boxes for storage & love them. But been a little worried about someone swiping a box while I'm in the store or away from the truck for any length of time. It's where I keep winch controller, snatch straps, shackles, tools & all that other good stuff that doesn't need to come up missing. And heaven forbid I should ever crash this thing, the box weighs at least 50lbs & could easily be a death blow to the head (bunji corded down but don't really trust those) bouncing around. I've seen folks rig up locks on ammo boxes and cool hold-down brackets you can buy, but decided to go a different route...
So with pieces already had laying around the shop, a 6' aluminum hinge for $13 (this leaves 4'+ for another project) and $8 lockable paddle latch we fabbed up this solution.
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