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Talking Re: 2003 ext cab s10 rear brake drum help?

Thanks to everyone who replied with tips and suggestions!

I put the extra pics up here in case someone can make use of them in the future.


p.s. I got this tidbit from Tx Firefighter and it took care of it...

Woog, I used to work as a mechanic for the Postal Service. Those little square mail trucks called LLVs are on S10 chassis. I've seen this a whole bunch of times.

First, make sure to stick a little screwdriver in the backing plate and turn the adjuster star and loosen off the adjustment. If it is still stuck, do this...

Hit it hard in the direction of the arrow on the edge of the drum face. It will not hurt the drum I promise. I did this countless times to stuck drums and never hurt a drum or run across one that this wouldn't free up enough to pull off.
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