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Re: 63 C10 - Need info on upgrading to power brakes Currently have disc/drums

Originally Posted by whitley7 View Post
Hi everyone, I got this truck last year as a rolling chassis. The previous owner had install disk brakes on the front and ran new brake lines. I have since put in a 350 w/ a th350, new radiator, battery, driveshaft, dual exhaust, tires and rims. During this process I have discovered that the lug pattern is not original (5 x 5.5 vs 6) that the champion aluminum radiator sold on eBay is not a direct fit and having a solid driveshaft fabricated is expensive.

I was finally able to drive her last week and immediately notice that the brakes are terrible. It does stop, but it takes a lot of pressure and I don't think I could lock the brakes up if I really tried. I did notice after getting back home that the outside of the master cylinder looked oily, but it didn't look like it leaked everywhere. Maybe the top is allowing fluid to leak out? Anyway, I decided that my next project for her should be upgrading to power brakes. I have read the faq section, but haven't found what I'm looking for. I have seen that I can by a kit online for this upgrade, but being a father of 4 necessitates that I do this as low cost as possible. This is my first project ever and I don't know a great deal about mechanic work (YouTube is my best friend). I'm amazed at the knowledge of members on this site. Anyway, I would like to get the booster and master cylinder from a pull a park yard not far from my house, but I'm not sure what will work (years, models etc). Also, since the PO has upgraded the brake lines, would I be able to use the current proportioning valve? What modifications would I need to make to the brake pedal? I had to buy a front caliper cause the previous one was locked up and found I had to get one for a 71 truck to match. Does that matter?

I'm gonna post pics of my truck any insight would be greatly appreciated as I don't know what's original and what isn't. I hope to move the gas tank to the rear at some point. Replace the Column and steering wheel to get the shifter the previous owner put in the floor back on the column and for more room.

Sorry for the long post. Any help/ info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
You are probably waiting for actual answers to your Power upgrade questions! Here are a couple links to other threads on this topic. I was debating on going to power as well, since I need to switch from my single MC to a dual MC (like you have already) but I think I am deciding to stay powerless for now (I have drum/drum and I am happy with current stopping power, just want the safety of a dual MC)
Here is another thread on the topic, good reading
This guy put a stock 1965 power booster mated to a ‘69 dual MC this looks like an economical way to go. There is a guy on here Captain Fab you can buy a custom made bracket to attach your power booster

*Edit Ok sorry everyone I just noticed how old this thread is, sorry but I am new to the forums and just now reading up on all the projects guys have done. Well, bye for now maybe this will help someone else

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