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Re: Where you all get your weld through primer these days?

Originally Posted by Jrainman View Post
I will say I have used a lot of weld through primers at work over the years ,the company I work for has about 10 to 12 crews out in the field, and we all at some point recommended to our shop buyer that U-pol was the best weld through primer, I do not remember what type it was because there are a few , but the can was green and as for price I have no idea , but I remember the 3m stuff was terrible after a couple uses the can would stop spraying and that was every can ,so it was not just getting a bad spay can, because every crew complained about it.and most if not all of the other stuff we used had terrible adhesive qualities, it would scrap off easily .
Thank you great feedback, I have noticed that too with some spray can paint and primer, there's more to it than how well it covers or how well it holds up, there's nothing more annoying then spraying half the can, putting it on a shelf for a couple hours and then going to use it again and nothing comes out (yes I know about the spray it out till it comes out clear upside down trick, it does not work on all nozzles by the way) also those kill your finger sharp nozzles are annoying as well [yes I am a wimp and yes I do own a plastic clip on trigger which is never to be found when you need it, ha ha]

not weld through primer, but here is a link to an excellent spray paint primer with a great nozzle and good coverage Rust-Oleum 249330 Automotive Rusty Metal Primer Spray Paint for $9 bucks so about twice the cost of others but worth it, comes in light gray too
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