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Re: Roof patch causing warp / oil canning

Originally Posted by MP&C View Post
And I would suggest epoxy primer inside all the nooks and crannies while accessible. A much better choice over POR, which will give off noxious fumes if it comes close to the heat from welding.
Originally Posted by tinydb84 View Post
My only input is to not use por15. I have had bad luck with it and seen far too many similar stories.
After 5/6 hours of wire wheeling, I have cleaned everything up as much as reasonably possible. About 85% of the surface area is clean and perfect for primer. The front "gutter" is lightly pitted and will not wire wheel to shiny metal. There are also some tight places in the corners that cannot be cleaned. I think this application is more favorable for POR15 over primer - thoughts? Should i put down some POR15 and primer over this?

The only heavier pitted areas are the corner braces which I am not concerned about, they will not affect a visible panel.
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