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KT the Bulldozer

I always wanted a big block, my first was an 05 2500 hd that I bought new of a farm lot dealer in east Ohio it had a 6.0, radio, cloth and a rubber mat floor it was the best for a twenty something cowboy working the woods of California. I jumped in that truck once and push the peddle down in tipp city and let off in Carson city 36hrs (I got gas receipts)
A buddy of mine owned a 04 ss it was blue and of course the black Yukon xl Denali always pleases the eye.
In 2014 I had a sweet 77 baby blue suburban that I pulled my canned ham with. I kept dreaming of a big block so we bought a 2004 GMC Yukon XL Quadrasteer.

By far my favorite truck ever 3/4 ton to carry my wife two small humans three crazy male dogs a canoe and my camper I have always had a weight problem. With 04 problems solved.

I have had some mistakes and want to document the truck and maintenance so no place better than the forum that talks back and shares.
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