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Re: KT the Bulldozer

the trans was whining and I needed some tie rod ends and the rear end was chattering in turns, I took it to the steelership with a heart in fairborn told them to fix all that. and walked away. they called me and changed the filter on the trans swapped the tie rod ends

. About the chatter on turns..

maintenance bulletin... when chatter in rear end on Pontiac solstice, awd trailblazer and quadrasteer they all have this clutch pac inside the carrier it needs the fluid changed our clutch pac swapped. I pick up my truck and they used the diff machine to suck out fluid and install new regular diff fluid. this truck has a drain plug and takes a friction modifier and gm only part#. Thats the story of all the major stuff so far 160,000 the rest will be here.
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