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Originally Posted by crsgmc View Post
The snow is not the problem, it is the wind. Predicting winds over 40 mph, going to be some serious drifts. I got the new cap and rotor from Rock Auto. It is DCR-820X by United Automotive. It is heavier than the one that I just installed. Looks to be a quality part. Rock Auto lists it as a "premium" part as opposed to economy or standard. I think I will replace the new one in the truck with this one and keep the other one as a backup. I just don't feel good about leaving the exact same cap that failed in the truck. If the old one failed at 14,000, the one in the truck may fail at 9,000.
A couple years ago y'all had a pretty big snow in May!

We were trying to go down to CO and had to postpone our trip for a few days. There were huge banks of snow along the road around Cheyenne, but the sun was shining by then.

I hate I-25 from Cheyenne south
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