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Re: My '67 Fleetside C10 renew

The buff continues! Knucks has done 90% of the sanding and buffing. There are a few small areas that need a little more love but we were able to pin the cab down for good and assemble the front clip. Gaps look great, super happy! Went to the box stores looking for S4S oak but that was an $1100 ticket - F that! I'm going to have to go to the other lumber store and get some 4/4 live edge to do the bed floor. My neighbor has an overhead sander, we'll see how well we get along! I know he's got a four wheeler that won't start... I also got my big box from Summit (finally). The little mouse is going together but still have some details to work out. The fires out here are piddling out and we're getting back on the bikes so weekend truck time will be cut but winter is right around the corner!
Stay tuned, boys!.
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