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Re: '67-'72 Kick Panel speaker enclosures

I made my own and this is what i did; tractor supply had small metal buckets that have the bottom just a little bigger than the speaker hole needed. Cut the bottom out leaving say a 1/2" remaining to screw the speaker flange to. Now figure out the depth and angle you need, cut slits in the sides of the bucket up to the point of bending them out flat to be screwed to an mdf board that will be the final outer size. Then go to the auto parts store and get a gallon of body filler, evercoat has had a special for years @ $20.00 for a gallon. Now spread the filler around the sides as you build it up and mine were somewhat teardrop styled when done. Paint or cover as you wish!! Use screws to mount it to the side panel working through the speaker hole before you mount the speaker=screws hidden.

My reasoning for doing it this way was to get a deeper base response because the enclosure has some heft to it and i put a little fiberfill in the hole before i installed the speaker. 2 buckets, a gallon of filler and a can of paint, probably 40-50 bucks but looks and works good for my polk audio 6 1/2" speakers.
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