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Valve cover oil leak / smog removal

My alternator went bad on my never-ending newly bought 79 C10 project. When I removed it and took into auto store for testing, the guy asked "when was the last time I changed the oil in my alternator?".... point well taken.

With that said, I realized how bad my oil leak is and that it's coming from front of valve cover. While looking to replace valve cover, and because of all the smog pipes and hoses going everywhere (see pic below), I want to replace it with the basic valve cover.

Looking for help: I want to replace the valve cover and remove smog pipes and put plug bolts in the exhaust manifold. My problem is that I have an integrated cylinder head. Does anyone know where to get a 'non smog' valve cover? What i'm finding with searches are for non integrated only.

What should be kept? PCV, EGR, etc. (I've already taken out the charcoal canister and the many hoses that go with it)
Will I need to do anything with the carberator? I have a Rochester Varijet II 2BBL.

And any other advice?

Thanks for your help.
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