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New Classified System FAQ ( very large pics, 56k beware)

How to place an ad

Find the catagory that best suites your for sale item.
Select "place an ad" at the upper right of the screen.

Step 2 just shows a drop down to be sure of the catagory you wish to post in. You can switch catagories from the dropdown menu.
Click submit.

Fill in the title AND location of your item ( no location is evil )
upload your images, just as you would a post atachment.
Fill in or choose from the dropdown menus to fill out your ad info, such as price, what it is your selling,
how long you want the ad to run and keywords..
Keywords rock, use this... it is what helps people find your item in searches.. better keywords, the more visable your ad will be in the end..

click submit

You will be taken to a redirect screen, tellin you that your post was successfully added.

This last picture is showing the comment system. People can reply to your ads just liek a post. The comment system is basicly the same as the quick reply post system in the message board area.

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