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LS Fabrication 47-59 Products

Good morning everyone.

I am new to the forum and also am one of the owners of LS Fabrication. We are a fabrication shop that offers products for early era Chevy/GMC with a main focus on 47-54. We are also avid builders of early era Chevy trucks and that is how we got started in this.

We have been working extremely hard to grow our business and get more known and are now just getting into the forums. Most of our business to this point has come from Instagram and Facebook but we are looking to expand into forums. on Instagram on Facebook.

We offer bead rolled sheet metal products as well as some high end billet parts for the early era trucks. We are also working to expand by partnering with other companies to offer other high end products for these trucks.

I wanted to ask in my first post if anyone on here knows or has heard of us? Also wanted to ask if you have a minute to check out our site and let us know your thoughts, we would greatly appreciate it. We are hoping to become involved and active within the forum and look forward to hopefully meeting lots of new people/customers. Also hoping to get our products into your builds.

Thanks for your time, have an awesome day.
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