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Re: Repairing Sandblast Damage

I was initially lured in from a guy purchased a pallet of sand. I asked him what he used that much sand for? He said some of his buddies are contractors and pull enclosed trailers and the road salt destroys the paint job in no time. I remarked that if he sand blasts and hits the aluminum body near the frame it would be an ocean of waves from distortion!! His remark was "not at all". I asked what he was using? He said an attachment for a pressure washer! I went to youtube and searched it out, saw videos on it, google searched a vendor and matched my 3800 psi 3.5 gpm pressure washer. The special adaptor end has an included 0 degree nozzle sized for the output of the presssure washer. In use it spreads out quite a bit once it leaves the screw in cone end. The city water i hook up to is very cold coming from lake superior, say 45 degrees. I understand the peening effect is conducive to distortion, but after using it on three projects now using sand and blackjack and no distortion all i know is it works great and i have no complaints. To be honest i never saw the trailers that the guy waterblasted. 2 individuals with the same results, i can't say for sure. I clean my stainless steel expanded metal barbeque grill platform and takes the baked on food of in seconds and looks new, set the platform down into it's recess and it lays flat. A friend had his rearend out of his olds on jackstands and in 15 minutes and 4 bags of blackjack i had the whole thing down to bare, backing plates and all and removed rust scale 1/4" thick in spots. In use i stay back about a foot from the surface.
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