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Re: Upside down, back to front, long low 63 fleet

Usual unplanned situation, every horizontal surface becomes a workbench,
Was sort of planned, I heavy wire brushed the wood grain and then treated the boards with strong tea stain and steel wool/vinegar stain, then refitted them and threw tools etc at them, dragged tool boxes and other items across to get rid of the new pine shelving look.
While waiting for floor sections, had a go at the grill disaster.
I cut out the rest of the grid section and welded in 3 1/2" square bars that match in pretty well with the original horizontal sections.
As usual this is driven by the difficulty in getting replacement parts here, 63 grills are hard enough to get in the USA.
There's Ray the workshop supervisor flat out again.
The floor sections have arrived so the cab is back off the frame and onto the rotisserie.
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My build 63 long fleet
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