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Re: Upside down, back to front, long low 63 fleet

Hi Paul,
i did a bit of experimenting with the tea and the steel wool/vinegar and combinations of which one first.
I thought the steel wool/vinegar gave me what I was looking for best and a second coating enhanced the first. A second coat of tea didnt seem to do anything extra.
Either one gave me a nice grey weathered look, but as some time has passed it has turned to a brownish like baltic pine look. Dont know if thats from the natural yellow pine tannin coming to the surface, it might be that the steel wool residue is actually rusting.
The wire brush I used was on a drill and dug out the grain pretty heavily so all the soft pine is gone and the hard bits of grain are left, like its been sandblasted. The results I got with the stain may have been influenced by having very little soft parts to get in to.
Heres a pic from a little further up the track, the board across the back is untreated to compare colour.
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My build 63 long fleet
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