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Re: SPI Shoutout

Another great thing about their epoxy is that the pot life is very long, like a few days if kept at 70ish. It already builds more than other epoxies, but if you mix it and let it sit til the next day it thickens and will build even more. I've done a few smaller projects with nothing but epoxy to seal bare metal, then bodywork with filler, then 3-4 coats of epoxy for high build/sealer in one step. Block with 180, wetsand with 4-500, and its ready for paint.

Their Universal Clear is really good, I've sprayed it on a few projects and prefer it to PPG or Spies. Buffs easily too. I'm about to try their white basecoat and Euro clear.

Their 2k urethane primer is an excellent product as well- plenty of build in three coats to block out 90% of the quick/rough bodywork I did on a personal quickie paint job, I was very impressed with it. Their 2k high build would've probably built enough more to fill everything in one go.
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