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Re: how much paint is required ?

I like to share with you what I learned about solid content. The solid content of concept is 32%. And Industrial single stage 65%. I bought a Ford extended van that the rockers were rusted out and it was a little beat up from a junkyard. I started doing shows and when I would pick up the paint at the factory the boys on a dock with laugh and say how the hell can you sell rust paint when your trucks rusty. Give me some paint and I'll paint it okay. So one of the owners gives me a gallon , I said this isn't going to be enough. He says three quarts. Okay ,he says he paints a entire Firebird with one quart of paint . New rockers in, and painted the truck a beige , 3 quarts. When you have a high solid content it covers pretty quick , even on one coat. I just saw a gallon of clear for $800. No pigment. Most expensive part auto paint is light stable pigments and then you have your pearls, which is outrageous. The bottom line is manufacturing automotive paint is a high profit market. PPG , Sherwin-Williams and and the major paint companies are buying up all the independent small manufacturers and then they're gone. I wouldn't be surprised with these new regulations that the hobbyist will have a difficult time buying paint. They outlawed methylene chloride paint remover and the replacement sold in hardware stores to John Q public doesn't really work. First rule of the paint business , can't raise the price add more thinner.
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