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Re: Is this what they called cave and pave?

Well after a few weeks of looking around for a better fender I decided to try to fix this bad one on the passenger side. I figured I couldn't make it any worse right? I grabbed the spot weld cutters and went to town. I removed the inner skin from the front/nose of the passenger fender. Once removed I had all the access I could ever need to get a dolly in there. With a regular toe dolly I went to town, most of the major damage went away rather quickly. i spent a few hours tapping and banging! I had it out in the yard up against the side of the garage a few times with a long 1/2' steel rod ground to the profile of the brow area, all I could find that would reach in there. I hammered my thumb nail into oblivion doing so. Once i got the initial shape back I spent an hour or two with the slapping file to get everything where it needed to be. I moved my attention to the lower cup. Although it had never been patched it sure saw some creative body work at some point in the past. I had to pound it back to shape then fill a couple dozen holes. Its not perfect by any means but im fairly astonished how well it came out, especially for my first attempt at it. Here are a couple before and after shots.
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