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Name Change Requests

Originally Posted by site rules and guidelines
XVII. Name changes: there are very few instances that warrant a user name change. If you need to change your name contact and Administrator and tell them you are changing your user name. Register the new name and an Administrator will delete your old account. If you do not notify an Administrator of the new account, it will be assumed to be a dummy account and dealt with as stated previously.
Due to the increasing number of requests we receive daily for name changes, we are allowing name changes for a trial period to end at our discretion.
Anyone wishing to change their name will be required to pay a $10 administrative fee to do so. This can be done via paypal only, payments being made to You must PM Josh, Liz, N2TRUX or Powerdriver1958 stating that you wish to change your name, as well as the name you wish to change to. It is the users responsibility to search the member list to ensure the name is available. When the above requirements are met, the user name will be changed.
As always if you wish to change accounts, you may do so by informing Josh, Liz,N2TRUX or Powerdriver1958. Once an administrator receive notice informing us you wish to change accounts, we will disable your old one, so you can reregister a new account.
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