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04 vs 05 tahoe power steering cooler

My 2005 tahoe power steering cooler rusted through and I had to replace it today. I did a search and they had 2 different part numbers, saying that 00-04 was 918-301, and 05-06 was 918-333. The 00-04 tahoe cost was $81, but the 05-06 cost was $141. The only difference I thought could impact this was that in 05 they went to electric fans.

I went to autozone and had them pull me out the 00-04 cooler and it is exactly identical to the 05 cooler I took off. I paid my $81, installed it, and it fit.

Wanted to post this for anyone else who runs into this, just buy the 00-04 part number, it fits fine, and save yourself the $60.
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Re: 04 vs 05 tahoe power steering cooler

They say this is the same on in my 97 3500 except after receiving it finding out that it does not have any bonded ends. Ughhh
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Re: 04 vs 05 tahoe power steering cooler

Build dates come into play on some parts.
My 2005 Silverado 2500HD was actually built August 3, 2004.

It's always a good idea to take your part to the store and verify that your old part matches the part they're pulling off the shelf.
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RTFM... GM Parts Books, GM Schematics, GM service manuals, and GM training materials...Please include at least the year and model in your threads. It'll be easier to answer your questions.
And please let us know if and how your repairs were successful.
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