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Best paint & rust removal tool?

i have a 4 1/2in electric grinder 12,000rpm and im wondering what is better for removing paint and rust a wire brush attachment or sand paper attachments? i started my tailgate and i went threw 5 sheets of 40grit in 20mins and only did a10in sq section is that normal? sandpaper was from walmart... should i rough up with wire brush then sand paper then wire brush stubborn rust again? is that normal time frame? implanning on doing frame this winter, and started tailgate to familiarize my self with the tool, and find most effective way. thanks
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Re: best tool?

I would not use an angle grinder to sand the body - it could cause body warpage from the heat of the sander - it will work great on the frame and heavy metal
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Re: best tool?

ok thanks was only doing tailgate anyways, i wanted to get used to the tool bought it today, heard they can have kick back so wanted to get used to it, im doing inside tailgate then im rhino lining it after i smooth it out. should a good wire wheel handle the frame? i know its gonna take time, just want to make sure i at least got right tool attachments, i dont have a compressor, and landlord does'nt want chemicals used (understandable) and cant afford a sand blasting, sooo im doing it the fun way.
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Re: best tool?

if you are only doing the tailgate....sandblast! i found a local place that will do things like that for under 100. well worth it imho...

sorry just reread your post...if you are only doing the inside to line the use a wire wheel. that metal is thick, you shouldnt have a problem
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Re: best tool?

Where`s the landlord?I`d use stripper,Just cover the area around and under the truck to catch the evidence.The wire wheel and coarse sandpaper will leave scratches all over the surface.The paper is getting ate up because of the higher rpm.I use a palm sander is I can`t use a DA.
A wire wheel will work great on the chassis.
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Re: best tool?

Here is what I did do and will do again when stripping a panel down to bare metal.
3M makes a disk called the "Sandblaster". They cost $10 - $12 each. You also need to purchase a $5 "adapter" for your angle grinder. The adapter is reusable (I'm still on my first one) and each disk will last for approximately one panel.

So far I have stripped my truck hood, both fenders, and both doors, both inside and out with this system. They take paint, primer, and bondo off quick and don't warp the panel.

Of course quickly treat the bare metal with epoxy. Or acid then epoxy if it was rusted. And of course wear a respirator when all that paint dust is in the air - you don't know what is in that paint.

If you're like me and have more time than money, these purple pads work great.

I don't work for 3M.
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