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sevt___chevelle's interior dye/paint how to

plastic parts can be painted very easliy if you have the RIGHT paint or dye and most important the PROPER PREP.

Ill go with the PPG route, since am a PPG fan and know it best of all products. Allpaint manufacturs will have products just like PPG.

Ok PPG has a paint called DBI, its their interior paint. Not what Id use so if you go a PPG store and this is what they recommend then Id pass. Its ok for hard plastic that WONT be near any abuse, like a dash but not for kick panels.

What I have used on a few cars including my 02 Chrylser LHS which I did a COMPLETE color change did a two tone is use PPG SB elastomeric color dye. The dy works with leather, carpet and hard plastic, vinyl and some convert tops.

this is right from PPG, to do vinyl do the plastic prep process but DONT use the plastic adhesion promotor, so you skip step 3. Also instead of the plastic prep sx1004 use sx1003 which is the vinyl prep. I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH YOU GOT TO MAKE THE SUBSTRATE CLEAN AS POSSIBLE.

The One thing Ill change or two things is first wash with soapy water dry and then do step 1. Also you dont need a clear coat for this dye, you can apply if wanted, have flat and gloss.

Make sure you USE all the prep products DONT SKIP THEM, also both the prep cleaner and adhesion promotor are avaible in spray bomb form also. It comes in a quart can part number sx1004 but for spray bomb the number is sxa1004. Good luck...Eric

1. Clean first with soap and water and a gray scuff pad. Surface should be scuffed
thoroughly with extra attention to textured surfaces until surface is clean and rinsed
with water.
Note: If contamination still exists after the cleaning process, water will bead on the
surface. Repeat process until beading no longer occurs.
2. Clean thoroughly with SX1004 Plastic Cleaner and Prep using a clean, lint free
towel and wiping in one direction only. Rinse with water and dry.
3. Apply 1 light coat, followed by 1 full coat of SX1050 Plastic Adhesion Promoter
to promote adhesion on TPO, EPDM, PP and similar thermoplastics, allowing 5-10
minutes between coats.
4. Allow to flash between coats 10-15 minutes, but no more than 30 minutes
before topcoating.
5. Topcoat with Elastomeric Color System using 20-25 psi from conventional
equipment or 8-10 psi at the cap from HVLP equipment, apply one medium wet
coat followed by one full wet coat allowing 5-10 minutes flash time between coats.
6. For SB10/SB11 Elastomeric Clears, apply 2 medium wet coats allowing 5-10
minutes flash time between coats.
7. The Elastomeric Color System can be re-coated within 24 hours without
additional surface preparation. Blow off all lint or dirt and re-coat. Although film is
dry to the touch, it should not be subjected to heavy abuse or abrasion for 24 hours...Eric

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