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Painting over restored paint job

I recently acquired a nicely restored truck bed for my project that I will be repainting to change the color. I will also be welding closed some trim holes in the bed sides (40ish).

The bed is very nicely restored and almost a shame to repaint. I'm in a bit of a rush with the weather and would prefer not to strip down the current paint job, but paint over it instead.

The current paint I beleive to be DuPont Chromabase with clear.

Can I shoot SPI epoxy over the clear? What grit do I scuff with?

Since I will be welding the trim holes shut I will have some bare metal before epoxy and I would put filler over the epoxy where the holes were. Then top coat with SPI high build, seal with SPI epoxy reduced at 25%, basecoat, clear.

Is this a good plan? I realize I do not know what's under the current paint job but that is not the purpose of this thread.
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Re: Painting over restored paint job

It's always a gamble painting over existing paint, but if it is base/clear I would look at the quality and decide. If it looks like they did a real good job you should be fine. If you see any bodywork spots, sand scratches, or anything that looks like poor quality or cut corners then I wouldn't trust it.
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Re: Painting over restored paint job

I wouldn't waste money shooting SPI epoxy over the clear, its' real value is in applying it over bare metal, which you should do where you weld up your holes. Just treat the existing paint as a base primer, sand it appropriately, give it some high-build as you planned, block it, seal it, and continue on. Just make sure there are no compatibility issues between what is already there and what you are putting on in.
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